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Whether you are planning to change your eyewear or you just need a routine checkup, come to Plymouth-Bridgewater Eye Care for a comprehensive examination. Learn more about our eye examinations.

Contacts & Eyewear

Discover the most fashionable eyewear that also fits your prescription needs. Learn more about our fashion eyewear and contact lenses.

Laser Surgery

With all of the advances made in the field of optometry in the last 10 years, laser eye surgery has never been easier or more affordable. If you are interested in laser eye surgery, come to us for an in-depth consultation.
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Associations: Massachusetts Society of Optometrists | Member in Good Standing of the American Optometric Association for 35 years

Recipient of Several Community Service Awards
Day & Evening Appointments Available, as well as Emergency Appointments

About Us

Bridgewater-Bridgewater Eye Care is a second-generation optometric practice and eye care center that has been serving Bridgewater and Bridgewater, Massachusetts, for more than 50 years. We are a general optometric practice that provides family eye examinations, eye care, fashion eyewear, contact lens services, and laser surgery consultations for children and adults.

Keeping patients happy is always a priority, and no request is too big or small. We provide what the patient wants. Just tell us what you want, and we will give you exactly that.

An Experienced & Caring Staff

Our staff always pays attention to detail, because they know how important the smallest discrepancies can be when it comes to eye care. We are all about customer service and provide individual attention with a non-corporate approach.

Our on-site optometrist is Dr. Sherman Geller, O.D., a Graduate of Boston University and Pennsylvania College of Optometry. Everyone here takes pride in the level of patient satisfaction and the positive feedback we have received over the years.